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"‎Watching white moon face; The stars never feel anger; Blah, Blah, Blah, the end.”
~ Chuck Palahniuk

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During our first visit to Luang Prabang one bar stood out from the rest: The Icon Klub. When we return after Vang Vieng, the first night back we'll be there. If you go to LP, you must go to Icon Klub! ~ Will

‎Icon Klub and Elizabeth are a do-not-miss in Luang Prabang. Great conversation, great drinks, and great atmosphere. Kop Chai Elizabeth (:(:(: ~ Alicia Marie

"There are no strangers here, only friends who have not met before" ~ The epigram outside truly justifies the people's bonding inside coupled with gr8 hospitality. Cheers and keep up the good work:) ~ Joonjyoti Changkakoty

The mojito is one of the best...:) ~ Michael Wagener

It was sooo much fun last night!!! :) - check out this one, Lisa, www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjIHf6ZxACg. ~ Judith Schneider

Wonderful bar and proprietor. I only wish I had two livers! ~ David

I've sampled the services of some of the best bartenders anywhere, notably in San Francisco (a lot), and Elizabeth is right up there with the best. Each and every cocktail is carefully concocted. Interesting ingredients are sometimes sliced, often diced, almost always iced. Nice. The tunes, too, are selectively diverse and adjustable to moods. For connoisseurs of sweet and savory libations, lively lingering and artful ambience, a must-drop-by in LP. (Best to leave the iPod in the backpack.) ~ L.B.

ICON KLUB was THE bar to go to in Luang Prabang. I couldn't have wished for a better place to relax, listen to damn good music, have a drink and a chat. Liz is the best bartender and I still haven't experienced another mojito like the ones she makes. Can't wait to go back! ~ C. Ramos

What an awesome place to hang out & meet fellow travelers. Elisabeth's amazing drinks go well with her creative & inspirational decor. Icon Klub is a must when visiting LP! ~ Debbie Leiter

Bologna and BEST bloody mary's ever!...the secret is, well located just in LP at Icon Klub, thanks Elizabeth Vongsaravanh for the pleasure! ~ Anita Eisenhauer

Best night in Luang Prabang!!! Thanks to our most beautiful hostess Lisa... love love love. We will always remember the best Bloody Mary and the best Mojito in all of Southeast Asia. You all have to meet Lisa and cap the night off here if you're ever in LP. Ash and I will miss this place when we leave...lalala...summer lovin' had me a blast... ~ Jocelyn Tan

Le meilleur bar aperitif de luang prabang , rapport qualite-prix. ~ Berson Philippe

Despite the shot of Chuck Norris knocking out my English vocabulary, it was a bloody good drink. I’ll be back tonight for another dose! ~ Nickolas James Gardynyr

My fav bar in the whole wide world. Best cocktails, best bartender and best conversation. LOVE it!! ~ Holly

Great little bar, excellent and friendly service, great conversation. ~ Leo Hayes

Thanks for the good times, the good music, and good drinks! Favorite watering hole in Luang Prabang.. ~ Tim Shields

Best little bar in SE Asia... No contenders!! ~ Simon Bate

From a poem by Zakariya Amataya: "In the serene night Silence shouted in my heart Raving about someone I have never known Yet claiming we were once so close I looked up to the sky that night. And saw a face in the shadow of the moon Her eyes stared intently down on me I perceived myself in the eyes of a stranger Her eyes suggested a thousand stories."

Fall into the Icon Klub and forever remember Luang Prabang. Cocktails for the mind and laughter for the soul. Don't forget the 5-second rule!" ~ Stephen

The best place to get a drink in Luang Prabang! The early evenings at Icon Klub are chill, relaxed, and calming, much like the ambiance and decor. By night, you never know what you're going to get - 80's dance party, cards, shots on fire? It's a MUST when in Luang Prabang! Great mojitos and gin/vodka tonics. ~ Alexa

PROPRIETOR PICK: Icon Klub is the only real bar in Luang Prabang. Do yourself a favour and order a Cherry-sour. And try and avoid talking to the owner - she is soooo annoying... ~ Kearrin Sims

Cool décor, relaxed atmosphere and tasty, creative cocktails. You're bound to meet some of the most interesting characters in Laos right at Icon. After five months of traveling through Southeast Asia, I never met a bartender/proprietor as warm and welcoming as Lisa. Whether it’s a slow night or the bar is packed, she makes you feel less like a customer and more like a friend. Great conversation, salsa dancing in the rain, stylish artwork, fascinating people, good music and the coolest bartender in SE Asia – all things I experienced within a few nights at Icon. Definitely a must if you’re in Luang Prabang. ~ James M. Soviero

Love the Icon Klub. Only problem with the Icon Klub is I remember walking in, but I can’t remember walking out. Would recommend the bar to anyone who visits Luang Prabang. ~ Frankie Jerman

Icon Klub lives up to its name with its enigmatic and iconic propriortress Lisa who makes your time there something special ! If you ever saw the TV show cheers, this is what the club makes you think of, people from all corners of the globe are there (literally) and she turns everyone of them into family by the end of the night. Its a really special place. And this is before you get to the cocktails, ask Lisa to pick one for you, she wasn't wrong once with me, and the Jolly DOM there is so good I had to tell the world about it!www.foodspotting.com/reviews/822317 - can't wait to get back there! ~ Alison Kari-Cox

Icon Klub - so much more than a bar. It delivers the pinnacle of traveling experiences by providing a place that never leaves you. Lisa is the best bar person ever. Shes quirky, witty, bright as a spark and the purveyor of excellent, creative cocktails. This bar would be a hit in the cool area of any cosmopolitan city, but that you find it amidst the magic of Luang Prabang gives you the icing on the cake. ~ Milli Letori

Icon bar is one of the best bars I've ever been in my life and as an Irish man, i've been in many. Lisa, as a host is kind, happy, generuous with her time and extremely funny, she is the bar. No visit to Luang Prabang would be complete without spending your evenings at Icon, chatting to the many wonderful people who drink there. Be prepared to extend your visit as you'll never want to leave. In the famous words of Arnold, "i'll be back". X ~ Stephen Doyle

The Icon Klub is a very cool looking bar. This is emphasized by the many photographers taking a picture of its facade. Inside Lisa and the people i met there singlehandedly turned my three day stay into more than two weeks. How can you not like a place that greets you with a smile and a tall Pastis the day after you drunkenly forget to pay before staggering home. And I was there for the birth of the now (presumably) legendary Jolly Dom. Anyone near LP should make a special effort to stop by as i doubt you will regret it. Much love. ~ Sammy

Yes basically what everybody above said! Your bar is brilliant and word deserve no less!!! Dirty Martinis all the way!!! Xx would not word. ~ Jade Farrow

The Icon Bar has a pre-war furnace in her heart. You speak with fellow souls. Art lives, fortunes told. ~ Sam Brown

The Bloody Maries will change your life! ~ Sophie Balachandran

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Hours: About 17:00-23:30, Daily.

Ban Xiengmouane 51/4, Luang Prabang, Laos

+85671254905 / +856207771972

Located between Nam-Khan River and LP's main street (Sakkarine Rd.) uphill from Saynamkhan Hotel.


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